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The Retro Zoo Super Show!

Feb 23, 2018

Tackling a few different games from the GameBoy today, but most notably a series of organization/learning games from InfoGenius that sought to take the GameBoy into more of a PDA/pocket computer direction.

Show notes at 

Feb 16, 2018

Updates on Kai's speedrunning of Final Fantasy IV, then an extended discussion of one of the battle themes from Earthbound (Mother 2) and Hip Tanaka's brilliant contributions to the soundtrack of a very strange game. A couple of phone calls, because we haven't had any for a while.

Find links, sheet music, and more at

Feb 9, 2018

We have Omnigamer on the show today to talk about his upcoming book SPEEDRUN SCIENCE: A LONG GUIDE TO SHORT PLAYTHROUGHS. This was a fantastic chat that you do not want to miss. Show notes, including a link to a free preview of the book, are at

Feb 2, 2018

Today we got to chat with SandyClaws about the Realm Online, the 1996 MMORPG originally published by Sierra. We dig into 22 years of the game's history, changes made, different owners, but most of all the community.

This online game was really the first of its kind, transitioning from the older MUDs to the more modern...